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For many years we traveled together for both business and pleasure. It was a dream existence, one would think, and yet something fundamental was missing. As travel writers and long-time vegetarians, we often had some difficulty finding good food on the road—for what use are beautiful rooms and enticing pools when all you can order in the restaurant are the side dishes?

Extensive research then brought us to the aha moment: they really do exist! Hotels where the staff are delighted and not confounded when you ask whether they have any vegetarian or vegan options. The chefs in these establishments cook with so much love and passion that their restaurants have become true finds. The hotels take care of everything a food lover could possibly want, bringing vacations back to what they were always supposed to be—a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

What began as a private pursuit grew into the two web portals, and Established in 2011, VeggieHotels became the world’s first directory of strictly vegetarian and vegan hotels, bed & breakfasts, as well as seminar and health centers. The listing now contains well over 500 hotels around the world. It represents a wide range of accommodations, from vegan surfing camps to five-star hotels, from luxurious Ayurvedic retreats to simple mountain chalets, and from Tuscan country estates to holistic wellness resorts on Bali. There is something for every (travel) preference. We added VeganWelcome in 2015, a hand-picked selection of especially vegan-friendly hotels, including a number of entirely vegan establishments.

The hotels presented in the book are dream destinations for fans of plant-based sustenance—and a whole lot more. They are also highly recommended for anyone interested in a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as sustainable travel. Those of a curious nature, who are open to exploring the world and would like to learn all about vegetarian and vegan gourmet cuisines, will find plenty of insider tips here.

All VeggieHotels share one thing in common: They do not serve any meat or fish, and their menus are one hundred percent vegetarian. Vegans will also find plenty of reasons to enjoy a stay in any VeggieHotel, as all of them also offer vegan options. As a rule, VeggieHoteliers are well prepared to welcome not only vegan guests but also those with food intolerances. Whole foods, celiac diet, clean eating, and raw foods are not foreign concepts here. Instead, these are all perfectly ordinary dietary choices.

More and more establishments whose menus traditionally feature meat and fish are embracing veganism and offering their guests excellent vegan meals alongside their conventional dishes. As a result, we created VeganWelcome as another web portal that lists highly recommended vegan-friendly hotels. The VeganWelcome properties are ideal places for families and friends to stay when not everyone has (yet) developed a passion for strictly vegetarian or vegan menus.

Every hotel presented in this book is unique, with a history entirely its own and often built on an intensely personal dream. In every establishment, guests come to enjoy new, creative, vegetarian, and vegan cuisines that will even satisfy the most selective gourmets.

To help you continue your culinary adventures after your vacation is over, on the following pages the veggie chefs have revealed some of their favorite recipes to try out at home.

And yet the VeggieHotels have much more to offer than just a healthy diet—they provide everything that does a body, mind, and spirit good: from cooking classes and holistic wellness packages to individual health and prevention programs.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the world of vegetarian and vegan hotels. And if you set foot in a VeggieHotel or VeganWelcome establishment in the near future—inspired by this book, perhaps—have a great time and give your hosts our regards.



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