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Biography Viola Molzen

Even when she was a young girl, Viola’s favorite words were “the food is ready.” She always associates places and trips with specific dishes: pizza at the Eiffel Tower, peppermint ice cream in Ireland, chorizo brioche in Lisbon, and pineapple pancakes in Vietnam. The list is long. So far the amateur chef has lived in the USA, the Netherlands, and Turkey, and currently she makes her home in Berlin. Yet Viola’s love for food is evident in more than just her special gift for associating food with places. Viola’s photos are confirmation enough: Whether as a child, teenager, or adult, nearly every photo shows the Lüneburg native eating. She recalls watching Heidi on TV as a girl and feeling jealous of the fresh goat milk and the delicious raclette cheese sandwiches that Heidi got to eat every day. Viola hums when she eats good food, and she has mastered the art of learning to love ingredients. If she doesn’t like something, she continues to try it and eat it until it tastes good to her. Viola enjoys entertaining; she is a full-time connoisseur and loves to cook Turkish cuisine in particular—with plenty of cumin, cinnamon, and, most of all, lots of love.

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